Cavepromotor UK for your Liebherr WTes 5972


Liebherr WTes 5972 Vinidor? With a Liebherr wtes 5972 cooler is life so much simpler. Sometimes I wonder, how I did all that without a Liebherr wtes 5972? I was, and still am, crazy about wine. Since I moved back a year or 4 am to my penthouse on the coast, I have had a huge problem to a few weeks back with my biggest hobby, wine. You can may not be well imagine for someone with more than 300 m2, penthouse, as ´ n beautiful look over the sea and another a delightful large roof terrace. In the parking garage of me, stood a Ferrari, a Bentley and a brand new Maserati convertible, I had enough money and for money was actually everything is for sale. I loved parties, my roof terrace was already sure 20 times. At such parties I always fell back on one of the best caterers in the country. They really take care of everything. Tables and chairs, decor, super food and delicious always good appropriate wines. What I still find very important and, of course, is that the wines at the right temperature. Not too hot and not too cold. I myself had quite a problem getting wines on the right temperature. As mentioned, a magnificent penthouse on the 29th Floor, better can’t do it, but a basement (on the parking garage after) was not there. Even when I had a basement, I believe that the 20th floor a bit too far away from the basement, so even then not suitable for my wines. I had an antique oak Cabinet, which I used to keep my stock wine in, looked not so crazy. When I wanted to drink a glass of wine or visit expected, I pulled out a bottle from the oak wardrobe and when a red wine was, I opened that and let that already airing come to room temperature. In white wine or champagne (prosecco and such bubbles wines came there with me not in), went in the fridge, or in case of real need even in the freezer. After being on temperature were, they went in an ice bucket. It worked pretty good, though it was the red wine sometimes too hot and the white wine and champagne to cold sometimes. A month or two back I held a party on my roof terrace, I had my regular catering firm informed what the theme was and what kind of people there. The caterer was really perfect, I knew I had to think more about from that point nowhere. They provided the bar, tables, chairs, and of course the most important version, all the food and drinks. The bar was equipped with a beer tap, it was in the middle of the summer and then is there anyway a lot of beer drunk. There would be a barbecue are drawn up, for the rest I left me, like other times, surprise by the caterer. On da morning of the feast they came with the furniture and the decorations and beautiful white parasols, the weather forecast was perfect, Sun and hot, and everything built on the bar was so prepared that you when ordering a drink a crazy look over the sea. Those guys of the catering firm really knew what they were doing and turned it into a really super entourage of. In the course of the afternoon, the drinks, the giant barbecue and eating. For the food and drink were drawn up different refrigerators, also they had a machine for ice cubes, white wines and champagnes were finally presented in beautiful ijskoelers. And there certainly are people who would like to gin and tonic and others wanted to drink, without ice is not. It was a lot of work to do everything so that the practical for the staff was and there perfectly. By the evening all was ready and could the guests come. I ran another round on the roof terrace to check that everything really to wish was and if there was anything had to be modified or changed. The roof terrace was decorated completely in the style of a lounge-bars on Ibiza, a little hippie-like but also very luxurious. The bar was equipped with a large roof of reeds, you imagined you really on the Mediterranean Sea. I was more than satisfied how it looked. I checked everything there was prepared to eat, the caviar and the lobster were in a separate corner, on ice, drawn up, looked super. The barbecue was so prepared and surrounded by sand mountains, that you you really felt on the beach, when you get to the BBQ would stand, you would also have the beautiful sunset. They knew what they were doing that men of the catering firm. The meat and fish for the barbecue was, just like the caviar and lobster, displayed on ice and there was spoilt for choice. I could not think of what could go wrong. I ordered at the bar, as a test, a beer. A perfect glass of draught beer, in a piece, I was presented and also that they had for each other. I walked behind the bar and checked the contents of the refrigerators. Everything was there what a party can do succeed there was really nothing left to chance. The last refrigerator, at least I thought it was a refrigerator, looked a lot nicer and nicer than the other refrigerators. It was a truly design piece. I ran there and saw it was a wine fridge was, when I saw the content, I was angry. I called the boss of the catering firm and asked him what idiot had figured out that red wine in the fridge. He began to laugh, which is a wine cooler, a Liebherr wtes 5972! Each zone was at the perfect drinking temperature set and so did they know for 100% sure that the perfect wines and champagnes were donated. I gave him a Liebherr wtes 5972 for myself. Three days later, after a sublime feast, he was standing in my open kitchen. How could I have lived as long as without Liebherr wtes 5972?


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