Discover the new Campus Legend NBA 2K17 cards for MyTeam

Campus Legends are a set of NBA 2K17 MyTeam cards that give a massive advantage when placed in a squad and allow users to unlock more special cards.

Campus Legends are a unique set of NBA 2K17 players cards. These items are used in MyTeam mode. Players from this set were picked based on their potential when starting their NBA career. They are part of teams depending on their original drafting. Campus Legends cards are inspired by real NBA players who showed great potential as they joined the league. This NBA 2K17 set contains various players that cover all five positions and have numerous unique skills. These are a few of the players that are found in this set.

Bill Walton is a 97 OVR card. His best skills are passing and rebounding. Another one of his specializations is scoring from a center position. Nuggets Carmelo Anthony is a players’ favorite and was requested by the community. This card also has 97 OVR rating. Players like the famous Jimmer Fredette are not missing from NBA 2K17 Campus Legends set. Other items that are part of the set are Shane Battier (amethyst card) and Trey Burke (ruby card). One card that was a popular item among MyTeam players is Jay Williams. His associated Campus Legends card has unmatched quickness and great finishing abilities. Amethyst Doug McDermott is both an awesome shooter and a fantastic scorer.

There are no weak cards among Campus Legends cards. Each one was designed to bring something to the team. Players are invited to discover various ways to increase their squad performance while using Campus Legends card. A compelling special reward is given to those who manage to obtain all Campus Legends card. Players who complete this collection receive Team USA Christian Laettner as reward. Players can use this special card to acquire another Team USA player. Pink diamond Charles Barkley is obtained using it. Another card that is needed for Barkley comes as a reward for completing the entire game breakers NBA 2K17 set.