Fiscal representation which you can find via of a country is its tax obligation system applied for the foreign countries involving in trading operations with the country. For the European Union countries there are different obligations and requirements of the VAT registration system implied on the non-resident companies. The fiscal representation of Italy is different as that of other countries and requires local fiscal representative for the registration process.


For the trading activities in Italy, the first step is the registration for VAT with the appointment of the resident fiscal representative company. There is no such requirement for the non-resident company to have their office in the Italy. Fiscal representative is must in the Italy because of the rules implied by the tax authorities stating that any foreign company will have to register for VAT and customs only through the appointment of local company as there is no registered office in the country.


The documentation required for the fiscal representation in Italy has to be submitted in the local language. It can be done by translating the original documents in the local language by the local representative only. The non-resident company has to start their trading operations following the registration and acquiring VAT number. A local representative handles all the documentation and obligations on behalf of the company. The goods imported in the Italian borders need to pay their VAT and customs tax by the non-resident company towards the tax administration. It is the sole responsibility of the appointed local representative to make arrangements of VAT returns on behalf of the company.


The custom registrations and rules are to be strictly followed by the non-resident company. It is the duty of the fiscal representative to make aware of all the obligations and rules to the foreign company and avoid any circumstances leading to disruption in the trading operations.