Fiscal Representative Spain




In European countries the VAT registration system is implied on the foreign companies looking to start their trading operations of import/export. Many of the foreign companies do not establish their offices in EU and so need to appoint a local fiscal representative to act on their behalf. The fiscal representative can be a firm having experience of handling VAT related regulations and registrations as well. In Spain it is better to appoint a local fiscal representative for the non-resident company. look for a Fiscal representative Spain with help from


Spain is a country having its port for the entry and exit of the goods sold and purchased within its territory. In Spain it is essential for any foreign company to register for the VAT and then proceed with the further trading operations within the country. A fiscal representative in Spain will be able to complete all the formalities related to the registration of VAT and other duties. As the documentation and other paperwork need to be submitted in the Spanish language only, the fiscal representative can arrange all this effectively.


The Spanish tax authorities will be communicating mostly in their local language and it can be problem for the foreign companies to communicate with them. Well a local fiscal representative can handle the level of communication and be able to deliver accurate information towards the authorities. The VAT returns, financial reporters and audits can be accurately processed and submitted by the local tax representative on behalf of the non-resident company. It is recommended to appoint a local fiscal representative in Spain.