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Trading with the foreign countries is always a difficult task if not known to their tax obligatory system. Expanding the business operations in foreign countries require to register for the VAT. It becomes necessary to register for VAT in foreign countries through the appointment of the fiscal representative. In UK it is required to appoint a local fiscal representative in order to understand and register for the VAT services by non-resident companies.


In UK the VAT registration process starts with the collection of documentation required in English language. The VAT number is acquired after the application for registration. Based on the VAT number the foreign company can start their trading operations by filling the VAT returns for the goods sold. This process can be smoothly handled by the fiscal representative as they can act on behalf of the non-resident company. It is the responsibility of the fiscal representative to fill the VAT returns and produce audits and financial reports on behalf of the company towards the tax administration.


The fiscal representative in UK can handle all the registration process efficiently without having any communication and documentation barriers with the authorities. The custom declarations and other duties can be solely performed by the fiscal representative in timely manner. There is more time for the trading businesses to focus on other operations rather than on VAT registration. The general appointment of the local fiscal representative in UK is easy and doesn’t require much research. The representative can provide a lot of benefits to the non-resident company by registering them to the tax system of UK.