The procedure requisite to getting an EORI Number


The procedure requisite to getting an EORI Number

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It is to be noted that if the person or the trader is VAT registered then the individuals will be provided with an EORI number Application form which they need to complete in all respects. However in case of individuals that are not EU Vat registered, they need to fill in the forms (Either of the importer or exporter forms as par their designation) before applying for an EORI number.

If the particular individual is not Vat registered and wishes to get a hold of an EORI number for some other forms of custom procedures other that the import and export of goods, then the individuals need to include the reason for their application of EORI number in the “additional information” box of the EORI application form.

Who are the ones that qualify for the application process?

According to the present set of guidelines, it is important to be noted that individuals with sole proprietorship or partnership of the company or the business entity are qualified to go along with the application process.     

  • Can TURN holders apply?

It is to be noted in this case that in any case, the “Traders Union Reference Number” holders (TURN Number holders) are not allowed to take part in the EORI Number Application process owing to the fact that they do not operate under an independent business entity but more like a branch or sub-part of an existing company with private ownership.

  • What to do in this case?

In this case however the company under which the TURN number holders operate is allowed to partake the EORI Number Application process under a set of designated guidelines. This it can be deduced that the parent company is allowed to possess an EORI number, but not an individual that operate under a branch or subpart of the company.