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Van der Valk conference hotel Amsterdam

A conference is a meeting where people talk about a specific topic. The space in which you organize your conference must therefore be a comfortable space to discuss all points. Are you looking for a conference hotel in Amsterdam you have a diverse range. The city is full of unique and different conference locations. It is important that the location meets your needs. Amsterdam is therefore a perfect location, because whatever you want, Amsterdam has it. In short, in Amsterdam you can choose from several unique conference locations that exactly fit your wishes.

In a big city like Amsterdam, not every location is easy to reach. Do you need easy accessibility by car or public transport? Then rent a meeting space in Amsterdam at Hotel Van der Valk. Here you have plenty of opportunities to organize the perfect conference. The hotel is centrally located and easily accessible by both car and public transport. The hotel also has a parking garage. Do you want to save time? Then you can leave all worries to the professional and flexible sales team at the hotel.

Meeting packages to suit your needs

When you choose one of the meeting packages, your day is taken care of down to the last detail. The rooms all have the latest equipment such as an LCD presentation screen including a Clickshare wireless presentation system. This is all done by the sales team on the day of your conference. In addition, the rooms have sound-proof walls and acoustic ceilings so that you are not disturbed by the surrounding rooms.

Your (meeting) package can also be easily expanded with a lunch or dinner buffer in the buffet restaurant ’t IJ. Does your conference last several days? Then you can also choose to stay in the hotel, you can choose from different rooms. For example the Business room, where you can relax or work on your convenience. Finally, you can use the Wellness and Fitness Centre at the hotel for free during an overnight stay.

Would you like more information about the conference facilities at Hotel Amsterdam? Please check the website or contact the sales team.