What is VACUE and How it Helps to the Goods Making Companies


What is VACUE and How it Helps to the Goods Making Companies

What is VACUE?

VACUE is known as the independent VAT (Value Added Tax) and Customs Experts Network which is entirely made for American companies who make goods. They can make use of this service when they decide to import or export goods for their businesses. VACUE is beneficial for all American businesses because it provides this service for free. They are not charged a single penny for their service given. VACUE has contacts with 28 of European States along with United Kingdom, Norway and Switzerland. They serve up to 508 million of people in regard to customs duty.

The European Member States includes:

  • Belgium

  • France

  • Germany

  • Italy

  • Luxemburg

  • Netherlands

  • Denmark

  • Ireland

  • United Kingdom

  • Greece

  • Portugal

  • Spain

  • Austria

  • Finland

  • Sweden

  • Cyprus

  • Czech Republic

  • Estland

  • Hungary

  • Estonia

  • Latvia

  • Lithuania

  • Malta

  • Poland

  • Slovakia

  • Slovenia

  • Bulgary

  • Romania

  • Croatia

By giving this service they are helping all businesses for free with their Customs Agents. They guide them into proper import and export strategies to build up stronger connections in regard to their trading work.

How to be a part of the independent VAT and Customs Exerts Network?

If you own a business and you wish to expand it into other states and countries you can always join up with VACUE and have an effective increase your business. You can always join VACUE network by sending an email to servicedesk@vacue.us mentioning all details regarding your business. Every detail is essential to provide in order to get registered to this service by VACUE. You will surely be given a positive reply within 8 working hours. It is not long to wait for a positive result.

You may also request for information which will require you to submit a few details about your business, such as: organization name, your name, your gender, city you live in, contact number, email address, and the question you need to ask. You will be replied through email messaging in a few working hours.

There are other VAT specialists and consultants who can help you with choosing the best kinds of VACUE service. They will guide you in a proper manner without pushing you into any kind of loss. They have got experienced men who have entire knowledge of what they are dealing with. These best experts will help you at every step of your business’ improvement.

It is important to be a part of import and export companies when you wish to expand your business. Once your business has a firm position in your country, you can always choose to multiply it by sending goods in other places. Sending of goods and materials will be done through shipment which will have customs duty applied. No one can avoid this therefore you can choose to be a part of VACUE so that you face minimum difficulties while expanding your business. VACUE is an effective way to grow your company.