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GC Biotech products

Our wide range of products is what makes GC Biotech’s product line strong. The many possibilities for your research group with these devices ensures you will make your work much easier. Process automation can speed up studies significantly. That’s why we have a lot of automation tools in store for you. From liquid handling systems to machines that can control quality at the same high level. There are many options to provide better, cleaner results with GC Biotech’s products.

As a distributor in The BeNeLux, Germany and even Scandinavia we provide the latest quality bioanalytical technologies for great performance. Read more about our suppliers and see what kind of applications, methods, devices and reagents they have. Get the most out of your research, make use of these widely used products in the scientific area that GC Biotech has to offer.

Next level research

Bring your study to a whole new level. With the highly advanced technologies that GC Biotech can provide you take your research to the next level. We are a specialist in automation for genomics and can provide many goods and services from our suppliers such as RBC Bioscience, Dynamic Devices, TAN Bead, Bioline and many more. There is a broad variety of liquid handling products. For example Dynamic Devices using a unique Volume Verified Pipetting (VVP) technique. With this you’ll have total control over liquid transfer of any kind. Bringing a new dimension to full tracking and tracing.

Application specialist and more

As an application specialist GC Biotech knows a lot about the various uses of the devices wich are available on the market for biochemistry, bioanalytics, genomics, pharmaceutics industry and more. We can advise you about the different uses of each application we sell so you can provide your research team with the tools they need most. See or website for more info on these high quality machines.